7-Year-Old Has Perfect Surprise For Her Best Friends 100th Birthday.

In Newton Township, Pennsylvania, seven-year-old Layla Leuthy Peck orchestrated an unforgettable celebration for her lifelong friend, Joe Gagliardi, a World War II veteran, on his 100th birthday. Honoring their enduring bond, Layla collaborated with local fire and police departments, along with her first-grade classmates. Riding in a fire truck with a parade of police cars, Layla, dressed festively, arrived at Joe’s home with sirens blaring. In a heartwarming moment, she ran into Joe’s arms as officers lined up behind her, expressing gratitude for his service.

Layla’s thoughtful gesture extended further as her classmates crafted 100 handmade cards for Joe, symbolizing each year of his remarkable life. The joyous occasion also featured Layla’s father, a policeman, sharing fond memories of Joe and attributing his own military service to Joe’s inspirational stories. As a token of appreciation, an officer presented Joe with a flag flown over the Capitol building in Washington D.C. in his honor. Yet, it was Layla’s heartfelt gifts that brought the most radiant smile to the centenarian’s face. Before bidding farewell, Layla, with genuine affection, embraced her best friend, leaving him with the simple yet profound words, “I love you.”

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