Abused Dog was Afraid of Everything and Everyone until he Met this Baby

Elizabeth Spence and her husband simply cannot refuse any animal who really needs a home, especially if nobody else wants them. When they came across 8-year-old English pointer named Nora, they decided to keep her. Nora was terrified from absolutely everything, until she met their 11-month-old son Archie.
Mom noticed the immediate bond between the rescue and baby Archie and decided to take some unique and adorable pictures of the two best friends.
They do a lot of napping together, cuddled up as cute as can be. The photos show the amazing friendship between the two pals and couldn’t be more special.
Elizabeth also hopes the pictures draw attention to rescues like Nora and the fact that big rescue dogs can be amazing with children. She adds that Nora and Archie only nap together under her supervision.
Sometimes rescue dogs (especially bigger breeds) get a bad rap when it comes to being around small children. But take it from these two; the stereotype couldn’t be more wrong.

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