Army Veteran loses it when He Sees who Pushes The Door, Open and Runs Toward Him…

Chris Galliher was distraught after his service dog, Raider, fled from their hotel room in Utah. They attended a military ceremony at Camp Pendleton earlier, and were soon supposed to return home to Spokane, WA.
Thankfully, the pooch was found and brought to the Utah Vet Center. That’s where the two shared a beautiful and tearful reunion.
Galliher, who was a Marine for seven years, says Raider has helped him readjust to life back home. And looking at the way they greeted each other, there’s no denying how close they are.
“I got Raider when I felt like, I felt like I was in a dark cave and there was no chance of seeing the light again and getting him was like having a little glint of hope,”
The bond between human and dog is simply incredible, and this reunion between a Marine veteran and his service dog is just a little more proof.

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