Beautiful Girl Wears a Sparkling Dress to Prom, but Notice What The Cops are Holding in Their Hands…

Her father was shot and killed during what was supposed to be a routine call. The entire community was devastated — especially the beloved family he left behind.
Fast forward two years when Officer Kondak’s daughter, Aleena, was set to attend her prom at River Ridge High School. It’s every father’s dream to see his daughter in her sparkling gown and take photos before seeing her off to the big night, and vice versa — but of course, Aleena wouldn’t have this opportunity.
That’s when Teresa Kondek, Aleena’s mom, came up with a brilliant and touching plan. Without telling Aleena, she secretly had the officers of the Tarpon Springs Police Department wait for Aleena when she stepped off the bus in front of the dance. They proudly took her father’s place and escorted Aleena to prom. “Sad because we have to be here,” said Major Jeff Young. “Honored because we can be here.”
Aleena was thrilled by the unexpected surprise and knew her dad was watching from above. “They always say, ‘never forgotten,’ and I totally believe that,” she said.

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