Camera in Bus Records when Driver Quits Driving and Grabs Terrified Boy. Kids Watch Helplessly as Time Runs Out

When children of any age hop on board, it’s impossible to know what could happen. The dramatic incident was captured by a surveillance camera on the bus, and the footage is now going viral.
Ginger Maxville, who is also a special needs teaching assistant at Mannford Public School, said she initially thought that boy was messing around. All of a sudden she heard a noise which she will never forget.
She could hardly believe it, and her automatic reaction was to scream, “Are you serious?” All of a sudden she heard a noise which she will never forget.
Adrenaline pumped through her veins as she had to decide in a split second what she should do. Though most people in this serious predicament would go into panic mode, she did something much different.
She got out from behind the wheel, lifted little Cameron into the aisle and performed the Heimlich maneuver. As the boy’s face turned red, she repeatedly pressed into his abdomen.
After a few moments, she eventually got him to cough up the coin, and it rolled onto the floor.
The little boy was blessed to have a school bus driver who not only responded quickly in a dire situation, but one who cared enough about him as a person to comfort him.

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