Chimp Hasnt Seen her for 18 Years but still Remembers. Then She Reaches her Hand Out…

Linda Koebner was a 23-year-old grad student and she got to do something incredible. It was a different time, when there were less laws to protect animals from being experimented on. A group of lab chimpanzees that were no longer needed were to be free. Linda would be the one to open their cages and show them sunlight for the first time in six years. The creatures were frightened. Their whole lives had been spent indoors, in tiny metal boxes. It was Linda’s job to acclimate them to the wild. To teach them to survive. She was their surrogate mother.
After having not seen Doll and Swing for 18 years, Linda believes they won’t remember her; that her babies are now wild animals; that there was just no way. She has no idea how they will react!

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