They Look Like any Other Couple, But When I Saw The Rest of The Picture, I Lost It

The pictures of Taylor in the beginning of the video show a great looking young man with his beautiful girlfriend. But in 2012, at only 23, things drastically changed, and the after photos of what happened are shocking to see.
Taylor lost both arms and legs, having stepped on a IED when leading a team of Army Specialists. He survived the blast and the aftermath of what life would now be like was naturally a mentally daunting challenge. We see Taylor begin with a fork and spoon strapped to what remains of his upper arm, eating food for the first time on his own. We then see Taylor advance into prosthetic limbs and the transformation is incredible.
What really stands out is this guy’s attitude. Most would be mentally defeated, and understandably so. But Taylor seems to always be in positive spirits, and apparently others acknowledged this as well and were both shocked and totally inspired by it, as no doubt you will be when you see this powerful video.

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