Cute Little Girl Prays for Steve Harvey and Leave Audience in Stitches

Natalie comes from a big family full of strong, beautiful women – and their strength obvious rubbed off on her because she’s one of the most confident, spunky girls to ever step onto the Little Big Shots stage. As soon as Natalie meets the show’s host, Steve Harvey, she’s causing all sorts of commotion.
At first, Natalie shows off her spelling skills. Although they’re not necessarily spot-on, Natalie remains as confident as ever! Then Steve asks her about her family – with a big smile, Natalie explains that her mother in her 60s, her sister is 50-something and she’s five! Clearly something is off with her math, but Steve won’t dare say so. He knows not to mess with this spirited little lady.
To close up their interview, Steve asks Natalie for an important favor. He looks to his larger-than-life guest and asks, “Can you do one thing for me before you go? Can you pray for me?” True to form, Natalie demands he drops to his knees, and begins to pray with all her force. You can tell she’s no stranger to talking with God. Hopefully Natalie never loses her spark!

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