You will NEVER Look at Death The Same Way again After You Watch this Powerful Short Video

Alan Watts is considered one of the ultimate teachers when it comes to providing an understanding of Zen and many aspects of Buddhism.
His words are inspiring and spiritually uplifting. He projects his thoughts in a way that make complete sense as you can relate aspects of your own life from his teachings. This video has his amazing words placed over various clips from movies. This makes it an interesting visual experience while you are set at ease with the wonderful words of Watts on the subject of death and dying.
Death is something that so many of us fear. It brings with it pain and suffering but perhaps we need to begin looking at death differently. In this incredibly powerful short video, listen to Alan Watts speak about death in a new light. Death is a natural part of life and when we can come to terms with our mortality, we can begin living without fear and truly embrace what we have.

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