Dissapointed Boy Says He Wants to Run Away from Home. Then Tells a Cop to Look Inside His Ruined House

Police officer in South Carolina responded to a 13-year-old boy’s phone call, but he never expected what would happen next.
Cameron Simmons made a distressed call to the Sumter Police Department. In a one-on-one meeting with Cameron, the officer Gaetano Acerra learned the distraught child wanted to run away from home. He said his mother was yelling at him for playing his older brother’s video games. But Officer Acerra soon learned the issue was much deeper than that.
Cameron led the officer inside his house, and then into his bedroom. His room was completely empty. His clothes were thrown in a trash bag. He didn’t even have a bed.
The officer learned Cameron’s mother fell on hard times after having to make an unexpected move from Texas to South Carolina to care for a sick relative.
That’s when Officer Acerra did the unthinkable. Touched beyond belief, he totally went beyond the call of duty.
Cameron, his brother and his mom had no idea that Officer Acerra was busy organizing a major surprise. He spent weeks gathering items for the family — and putting together a complete bedroom for his new friend Cameron.
With the help of his brother, Acerra loaded up and dropped off a brand new desk, chair, television, bed and Wii game system for Cameron. He also gave Cameron’s brother a full bedroom and an air hockey table for them to play together.
Cameron was shocked to tears. His grateful mother was in complete disbelief. And after the story went viral, people from all over the world began making contributions to the family.

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