This Dog Runs away from Home Every Single Day. Then Mom Discovers where She Goes…

When Dixie met baby Danny, doctors told her he had developmental delays. Danny could only speak in fragmented sentences. His motor skills were off, and he struggled to be potty trained.
The family’s next door neighbor, Dennie, trained search dogs. She was currently training a dog named Saki for the job. After Saki completed her training, she would be sent off to work. But Saki began to do something strange. Nearly every day, she would try to sneak out of the backyard. Then, one day, she did.
Saki went across the street to see Danny. She jumped on him, and he smiled. From that moment, his life changed. Saki would sneak over every day to see Danny. It was like Saki knew Danny needed her. The first complete, proper sentence Danny ever said was, “I am Saki’s daddy.” Suddenly, he could speak, he was potty trained, and he could throw a ball.
Then, Saki’s training was complete. She was supposed to go off to the rescue organization. Dixie begged Dennie to ask the organization if they could keep Saki. The organization said no. Dennie told them they should see for themselves. Representatives came and saw how Saki’s presence transformed Danny.
They finally decided: Saki and Danny get to stay together.

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