This Dude Turns a Fish Tank Upside-Down in his Pond. Now Watch What The Fish do Inside…

This pet owner has made it a point to make his pet Koi fish more comfortable in his garden pond and has created something that’s not only cool for the fish, it’s a really incredible feature to look at. The “tower” tank lets the fish swim up inside and look around.
This type of aquarium is sometimes called a “bottomless aquarium” or “antigravity aquarium”. The pillar of water in the tank wants to spill downward because of gravity but it can’t because of air pressure. But if you were to lift off the lid, the water would suddenly spill out and into the pond.
He says the aquarium did not need to be fixed at the bottom because of its weight. Without water it is 110 pounds (50 kg). With water it’s about 352 pounds (160 kg). The fish are free to come and go as they please and really seem to like it, crowding into the tower one on top of the other.

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