Father was Stunned when he Saw this in Photo at The Same Stadium where his Son Died

His 20-year-old son died on his way to a football stadium when a semitruck hit his vehicle. When Brian Roth, a grandfather of a little league football player, snapped this photo of his grandson, the image immediately went viral.
The photograph, taken on a disposable camera, appeared to show an angel hovering above the two boys. When Fox 2 reported the story, Lauder was watching.
Doug Lauder knew it was his late son Kyle telling him he was in a better place.
It was just too many coincidences. The same football field where he died? That Lauder happened to be watching the news at that very moment? That the image so clearly resembled an angel?
Lauder’s daughter Ashley is also convinced because, well, Kyle was such a show-off when he was alive. It’s no surprise to her that he would have to take any chance for a photo op in the afterlife!
While Lauder knows that many will dispute it, he hopes that for others, it will give them some faith in knowing that their family members might really be in a better place.

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