French Reporter Stops to Ask this Boy a Question, but then His Father Says Something VERY POWERFUL!

In the midst of devastation and mourning in Paris, a father and son have touched millions around the world with a moving television interview.
Angel Le and his son Brandon appeared on France’s Le Petit Journal where an interviewee asked the boy about the terrorist attacks that killed 129 people and injured hundreds more on November 13.
“Do you understand what happened? Do you understand why those people did that?” he asked as they sat right near the Bataclan concert hall where one of the attacks occurred.
Brandon replied: “Yes, because they’re really really mean. Bad guys are not very nice. And we have to be really careful because we have to change houses.”
That’s when his father interjected and the two shared an unforgettable exchange. And by the end of the conversation, Brandon said he felt comforted.
Upon seeing the overwhelming reaction to the clip, father commented on the video, writing, “I’m the dad with the little boy, thank you all for the great comments that you have posting for us. When I see all this support it tells me one thing: I’m proud to be French and proud of my fellow countrymen!”

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