This Girl was Confused When a Man With One Leg Step Onto a Treadmill. What Happens Next Makes Her Jaw Drop

While many of us are probably familiar with some of the big-name athletes at the Olympics, it’s probably safe to say that athletes from the Paralympics – the Olympic games open to athletes who are considered “handicapped” by society – are probably not household names.
That’s exactly what the team behind this ad for the 2016 Paralympic Games were counting on when they sent Luciano Dantas, Vinicius Rodrigues and Lucia Teixeira into gyms across Rio and set up hidden cameras to capture the reactions. Although each of them is met with some bemused looks at first, they quickly impress everyone there by vastly outperforming the “able-bodied” gym goers. In the process they changed a lot of people’s opinions on what it means to be a para-athlete, including mine.

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