Those Girls Pose for a Photo at Disney World, but Look Closely at Minnie Mouses Hands…

Every family that steps through the gates of a Disney Park has a unique experience, whether it be through interacting with the Disney characters or going on rides. For the Mansfield family, the experience was made all the more memorable because of a special meeting with Minnie Mouse. Shaylee Mansfield is deaf, as are her mother and father. Shaylee’s mom says that when she was growing up she never expected anyone to know sign language or how to communicate with her. The same cannot be said for Shaylee.
At school, Shaylee can speak freely with everyone, as everyone can sign. Yet, outside of school, communicating with people is a different story because there are not too many people that know sign language. So imagine Shaylee’s surprise and delight when she met Minnie Mouse (and Tinkerbell) and discovered they could sign. Her face just lights up in the biggest smile.

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