Hero Bus Driver Stops a Child Abduction in Action! Respect!!!

A Valley Transportation Authority bus driver, noticed a man and boy on his bus who matched the description of the suspect and child.
At first, Tim didn’t think much of it, but moments later he could tell the boy was crying. That’s when this bus driver, a father of two, tapped into his paternal instincts.
Tim concocted a brilliant plan to thwart the suspect and turn him over to authorities. Instead of questioning the suspect, he pulled the bus over and started asking all of the passengers if they’d seen a missing backpack. In reality, he was trying to get to the perpetrator. As he pretended to continue searching for the backpack, Tim took the opportunity to call the police. When the bus arrived at the station, police officers were waiting. There was the 23-year-old suspect, getting off the bus with the missing 3-year-old in his arms.
After they “pried the child away” from the kidnapper, he was taken into custody. Thankfully, the child appeared to have no injuries.
When Tim learned the truth — that this was indeed an abduction and his instincts were spot-on — he broke down. “This could have been my child that was abducted… I feel I did what any father would do.” What an incredible unlikely hero.

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