Hero Vet Rescued Homeless Dog from Euthanasia, Then X-Ray Reveals a Big Surprise

Doctor Matt from “Vet Ranch” did the only logical thing there was to do when he saw this pregnant dog waiting to be euthanized.
The poor thing was on death row before the kindhearted veterinarian stepped in to bring her back to his facility.
Naming her Gracie, they soon found she was also suffering an issue with her left eye obscuring her vision.
Dr. Matt kept a careful eye on the expectant mom, but she had a surprise in store for him when he walked in to check on her just a couple of days later. Gracie was able to deliver all 12 of her pups overnight all by herself!
Four weeks later, they were all doing great and love eating together.
At eight weeks, the puppies were all running around and since they’ve been weaned, Gracie and one of her pups will remain together while all the others will be adopted.
It’s so touching that Gracie’s life was saved along with all the adorable puppies with the generosity of one person.

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