Homeless Man Breaks Down in Tears after Seeing Results of Unbelievable Makeover

For over 25 years the Jose Antonio has been roaming the streets of Mallorca after a number of setbacks in her personal life. The 55-year old Spanish inhabitant made a couple of wrong decisions and struggled with a depression.
Jose then lost his job, lost his home and ended up on the street when he was thirty. He has been living in a small park and depended on the generosity of pedestrians and drivers. Every once in a while, he received a little bit of pocket money from drivers if he helped them find a parking spot and watch over their car.
However, Jose’s life changed completely when he drew the attention of a trendy hair salon. The owner of this salon offered to give Jose a free haircut and a complete makeover, which in turn totally changes his life.
Salva Garcia from barber shop La Salvajeria didn’t just cut Jose’s hair, he gave him an entire makeover so that Jose could start a new life with a clean slate.
When Jose finally sees the results for himself, he bursts into tears.
A funny side effect of Jose’s makeover is that he’s grown to be quite the casanova and gathers the attention of many women. Nobody recognizes him anymore as the homeless man in the park. A passing pedestrian even asked where he had parked his Ferrari.
HE received financial help from a company that prefers to stay under the radar. He’s no longer homeless and is looking for a job. “I didn’t only receive a new look, but an entirely new life.”, he says.

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