Ever Saw a House with a Green Light at The Door? This Is What It Means!

Unfortunately, many of the soldiers returning from battles overseas don’t get the acknowledgment they deserve for their service. Often, it is because they do not actively seek it – because humility and the dignity of hard labor done quietly are values that run deep with them. Having had the honor of knowing some veterans personally, it is this humility that makes them truly heroic in my eyes. Just as a mother faithfully and thanklessly serves her children, these men and women serve the nation. Still, any mother can attest to the fact that an occasional “thank you for all that you do” goes a very, very long way.

It is with that idea in mind that Walmart came up with the Greenlight A Vet initiative (#GreenlightAVet). By switching out a single, visible light of your home (such as porch lights, street-facing windows, etc.), you can quietly show a veteran that you are grateful for their service. The color green was chosen due to its association with health and prosperity, as well as being the most common color choice of fatigues for those in the armed forces.

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