Identical Twin Brothers Were Switched at Birth. How They Reunited is Simply Incredible

We’ve all heard of how sometimes a baby is switched at birth by accident but what are the odds that it could happen to two sets of identical twins, who then went on to grow up thinking they were merely fraternal twins. Shortly after they were born in the rural area of Santander, Colombia, Carlos Bernal Castro and Wilber Cañas Velasco (the two brothers with the broad noses and clean shaves) were mixed with Jorge Bernal Castro and William Cañas Velasco (the brothers with goatees) at the hospital. Carlos went with Jorge to the capital city of Bogota to live with their mother and sister, while William went back with Wilber and his family of farmers in Santander.
After a friend of Jorge met William (his real twin) in a chance encounter and alerted Jorge about him, the story began to unfold. At first it was just a weird coincidence but then Jorge saw a picture of William with his brother Wilber – who Jorge instantly recognized as his own fraternal twin Carlos. After some more exchanges of pictures between mutual friends, the four of them finally met up and uncovered the whole truth behind the switch.
Perhaps the most touching part of this story is how Carlos and Wilber each reacted (showing their similarity as twins before they’d even met) to the news at first – each one was cautious and prior to the four men meeting, Wilber told William “I don’t care who they are. You’re my brother, and you’ll be my brother until the day I die.” Carlos, meanwhile, hugged Jorge and simply said “I want to be your brother.” Clearly, brotherhood runs admirably deep for these men, well beyond just blood ties.

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