Inspiring Teacher Thought Ellen was Giving her iPads, but there was a Bigger Surprise.

Ashlyn, a 24-year-old occupational therapist for underprivaleged kids, is working in one of the nation’s most poverty-stricken counties and is making an amazing difference with her positive energy and generous spirit.
Brantley County, Georgia’s students don’t have the luxuries many school districts currently have to equip students so Ellen decided to help.
Ellen heard about her incredible efforts to help children and invited Ashlyn and her husband to attend the Ellen show as audience members.
But they had no idea that she secretly planned to have them on as special guests to share her story and give her a few awesome surprises.
Ellen asked Ashlyn what the best and most challenging parts of her jobs are. The best part of my job would have to be helping these kids and putting a smile on their face. Knowing that I’m helping — making a difference. That is the most amazing thing.
She said communication and speech devices are desperately needed for the special needs students so she brings her own iPad with her to help the kids with the latest technology. That’s when Ellen gave her guest Ashlyn an incredible unexpected surprise.

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