Internet Trolls Call Baby Girl A Monster… Heartbreaking!

Internet is for sharing and caring. We like to share each and every moments of our life with social medias. With the start of facebook, we also started to LIKE everything in this world. Even the news is so sad, our emotions are combined to a single LIKE button. But making fun of others is the worst part of the social medias. Internet bullying is growing rapidly. Mariah Anderson is one of the victims of cruel internet bullying. It was a proud moment for Kyra Pringle, when her baby Mariah turned 2 years old. She posted a photo of little Mariah on Facebook. But she never expected the photo to go viral in a wrong way. Thousands of people shared Mairah’s photo with rude comments without realizing the fact. Mariah Anderson was born with a rare disorder called Chromosome 2 Duplication Syndrome. This condition impairs her learning and motor skills. Her life expectancy is grim. But she is the light of the family. Pringle was horrified seeing people’s reactions to the child’s appearance. People attacked and mocked this beautiful girl in comments and even memes. This is how her mother Kyra reacted to the immature individuals!

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