Some Irish People Ditch Their Accents. When They Start Talking, I Can’t Stop Laughing

Over the years, we Americans have definitely inflicted our share of atrocities on the accents of pretty much any other English-speaking country’s accent. Way more often than not, when an American actor is cast in a role as a British/Irish/Scottish character, it’s just not convincing and let us not forget the infamous Cockney accent by Dick Van Dyke in “Mary Poppins” that sounded way more Australian than anything else. In the spirit of getting even, some Irish folks sat down and made their best attempts to speak in various North American accents including Canadian, New York and Southern accents.
You may have noticed that of all the accents, many of these participants seemed to do fairly well with the Southern accent. That’s because the Southern accent is actually naturally derived from generations of Scotch-Irish settlers who immigrated to the Southern Appalachia regions in the early days of this country, primarily to areas that are now Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia and to some extent, the Carolinas.

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