Parents Denies Speeding Charge, but then Son approaches Judge. He is more Honest than they Expect

Judge Frank Caprio, 80, is a municipal judge in Providence, Rhode Island so he has seen it all when it comes to traffic violations and other small claims cases. But if you watch him on his television series, “Caught in Providence,” you will see he is merciful and understands people make mistakes.
This day on court was a man charged with a speeding violation.
At the time, the man had only been driving in the United States for three years. But in his native home of Africa, his driving record was squeaky-clean.
Just as Judge Caprio prepared to make his ruling, he noticed the man’s family sitting in the back of the courtroom. His wife, newborn baby, and toddler son were all with him that day.
Judge, who loves talking to little kids, keyed in on their oldest son. “Bring him up here. I want to ask him a question.”
Known for his compassion and kindness, Judge Caprio decided to let the man’s young son help decide his father’s fate.
But Mom and Dad didn’t expect their son’s overly honest answer, which sent the entire courtroom erupting into laughter — ultimately winning over Judge Caprio.

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