The Judges Instant Response had Everyone on Their Feet Cheering after he Only Sang 5 Words

The song is “It’s a Man’s World” and this guy totally nails it. James Brown went to #1 on the charts with this song way back in 1966. Who would’ve guessed that almost 50 years later a guy would emerge on television and perform this same song with such perfection, and it would still resonate so strongly with an audience.
Luske, it turns out, is both an actor and singer. He started voice lessons at 12 and has been trying to become a career singer since. His performance here is clearly the point where he will cross over to potential stardom. Matter of fact he made it all the way to the semi-finals on the show and no doubt is now busy producing great sounding music. After listening to this song, you’ll definitely be keeping an ear out for future Charly Luske performances as his career is sure to grow stronger.

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