This is Kanon Tipton: The 4-Year-Old Preacher Captivating Millions

Kanon Tipton is a Pentecostal preacher from the third generation. His talks have been watched over 4 million times on YouTube, making him a big star.

Kanon first spoke in public when she was only 21 months old, even though she is now 4 years old. At that very first moment, he took the microphone from his grandpa and gave a sermon in baby talk that blew everyone away.

Damion Tipton, Kanon’s dad, thinks that his son’s preaching is “phenomenon.”

But Damon is sure that his son has a special touch from God, even though he knows that Kanon is copying adult speakers.

Different people have different responses to Kanon’s preaching. Kanon is too cute to resist for Paul Bentley of the Daily Mail, especially when he says, “The Lord is here tonight!”

The editors of the Huffington Post are struck by Kanon’s dramatic and emotional delivery, which they say sounds like a preacher who has been preaching for a long time.

However, not everyone is sure. Diane Werts from Newsday is still not sure. She says that a National Geographic Channel program about young preachers, including Kanon, makes it sound like their excitement might be because their parents are training them to be “Stars for Jesus.”

There are doubts about how real Kanon’s passion is, which makes people want to watch and form their own views. See it for yourself below.

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