Little Boy is Rejected at Birth because of his Weaknesses, but Adopted by an Incredible Family

Gabe Adams was born in Brazil without any arms or legs — and because he was born limbless, he was rejected by his birth mother. Orphaned as an infant, Gave ended up in an orphanage all alone. But his story traveled fast. Janelle Adams, a mother in Utah, saw Gabe’s photo in a grocery store. Janelle knew she needed to adopt the orphan boy into her loving family. The rest was history.
Not before long, Janelle and her husband Ron were at the airport to pick up their newly adopted son and take him home.
Although Gabe’s disability presented many challenges, Janelle and Ron instilled in him a great sense of independence. He gets no free ride, no special treatment. He does everything on his own.
It’s now 17 years since Gabe was adopted by his family, and the teenager is thriving. His story proves how the human spirit can make up for any challenges life delivers.
This boy is amazing and so is this family for adopting him and making him who he is. God works in mysterious ways and this boys life is such an inspiration to all people that meet him and read about him. I wish him all that he wants from his life, he is handsome, smart and unstoppable. Bless all of them.

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