Little Girl has been Listening to Daddy Sing, She Mimics him and Broke The Internet

Precious 2-year-old Maddy Dellaca from Iowa pays very close attention to the tunes her dad practices and then uses for his auditions. When mom Chelsea overheard Maddy giving a star-studded performance of the Star Spangled Banner to an invisible crowd of fans, mom had to capture it on video and share it. She is just the cutest thing!
She’s so delightful with her stage presence that the video has since gone viral. Maddy’s patriotism rings true with her rousing rendition of this American song.
Maddy can be seen clutching her toy microphone and belting out most of the patriotic ditty.
This sweet little toddler possesses such an incredible gift from God. It will be amazing to watch her grow up and see how her voice develops.

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