Mama Goat was Absolutely Devastated when her Baby was Stolen. Watch The Moment she Sees him Again…

A baby pygmy goat who was snatched from the annual Arizona State Fair petting zoo has been found and reunited with his mother! GusGus’ ordeal began when he was stolen from his pen. At one month old, GusGus needs his mother’s milk to survive. Everyone was beside themselves with worry, including GusGus’ mother, Custard.
A frantic search was launched to help find the poor baby goat. A day later, a person spotted GusGus in a ditch while walking his dog. It appears the thieves simply dumped him to fend for himself! The Good Samaritan took the goat to a nearby PetSmart where employees immediately called the Arizona State Fair. Everyone was thrilled when GusGus was brought back including Custard, who wouldn’t stop bleating the moment she had him back at her side.

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