Man Finds His Soul Mate In The Most Adorable Companion Ever

Puppies. We love to fawn over them on the Internet. When we see them, we’re kids again. You almost expect to blurt out, “can we keep him?” Those puppy dog eyes and the way they fumble around because they haven’t quite gotten it all figured out yet just seems to melt hearts everywhere.
There’s an old adage that names dogs as man’s best friend (much to a chorus of unanimous objections by us cat people), but there’s some truth to that. In a playful video collaboration from a Purina and BuzzFeed, we get a taste of just how true that old saying rings.
The pup in the below video is no famous hero, but you could argue that her companionship with her human roommate makes her a heroine in her own right. After bringing home a pint-sized puppy he later names Chloe, the video shows our protagonist’s many adventures with his new four-legged soul mate and does some work to remind us of ours.

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