This Man Saves Abandoned Grizzly Bear Cub. Six Years Later they are Inseparable!

Six years ago Casey found little Brutus the bear cub all alone without a mother. He took him into his caring arms, and that’s when their friendship began. Their relationship has grown strong over the years, and they now have an unbreakable bond. Trusting each other as man who grew up known as the “Animal Magnet” and a wild animal who weighs 800 pounds, they have an incredibly unique story that has inspired so many others.
No ordinary man would desire a bear to grow up in his own home, but that’s what Casey did until the day Brutus became too large to stay. Even then Casey remained like a faithful friend and went out of his way to build a Montana Grizzly Encounter Rescue and Educational Sanctuary for Brutus where people can come learn about bears and wildlife.

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