I’ve Never Seen Somebody This Close To A Polar Bear, But Watch When He Starts Running… Amazing

Grizzly Man Mark Dumas, aged 60, stands as the sole individual on the planet who fearlessly shares a swim with a polar bear. Hailing from Abbotsford, British Columbia, Mark, along with his wife Dawn, engages in regular aquatic sessions with Agee, a 16-year-old female polar bear, in their own swimming pool. The extraordinary bond between the daring couple and the 60-stone (800lb) Agee, the world’s largest land predator, extends beyond mere companionship, as they even train her to star in high-budget TV adverts.

Agee’s remarkable journey includes appearances in films like ‘Alaska’ (1995), showcasing her talents since she was a few weeks old. The intimacy of the relationship is evident as Grizzly Man Mark playfully wrestles with Agee on the grass, shares kisses, places his head within the polar bear’s massive jaws, and embraces her in bear hugs, with Agee towering on her hind legs to over seven feet. Mark and Dawn have been Agee’s guardians since she was a six-week-old cub, and she once resided in their home, playfully interacting with family dogs and being bottle-fed as she grew into the colossal bear she is today.

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