Man who won lottery 14 times explains simple math he used to beat the system

Romanian-Australian mathematician Stefan Mandel achieved an astonishing feat by winning the lottery 14 times, thanks to his unique number-picking algorithm. Mandel, along with the International Lotto Fund (ILF) syndicate, strategically targeted lotteries in the US, Romania, and Australia, amassing a total jackpot prize of $27 million in 1992. Despite attracting suspicions from international agencies like the CIA and FBI, Mandel and the ILF were eventually cleared of any wrongdoing. However, the legal battles led Mandel to declare bankruptcy in 1995, followed by a decade of running various investment schemes.

Mandel’s algorithm, termed ‘combinatorial condensation,’ relied on purchasing enough lottery tickets to cover every possible combination at a cost lower than the jackpot prize. The success of this method prompted the US to change lottery rules, prohibiting bulk ticket purchases and computer-generated entries. Despite facing financial challenges, Mandel now enjoys retirement on a remote tropical island called Vanuatu off the Australian coast, reflecting on his calculated risks and the unconventional path that led him to lottery legend status.

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