Marine Comes Home a Day Early and Surprises his Little Sister at School

Sgt. Brandon Prelesnik joined the Marines four years ago, but has been gone for the past seven months and hasn’t seen his family that whole time. Cheyanna knew that he was coming home soon and made a special request: She sent him a letter asking him to surprise her on the last day of the fourth grade. She even gave him her classroom number and her teacher’s name.
Understandably, the 10-year-old was excited to see her brother again, but she had no idea that he would honor her request — and more!
Prelesnik arrived home a day early, on the day before the last day of class, and decided to surprise her then. Now watch the moment he walks into her classroom — The little girl can barely believe her eyes and she dissolves into tears of joy before giving her brother a huge hug.

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