Military Dad Walks in Class with Flowers to Surprise his Daughter

Carlos Melendez was deployed in Kuwait, far away from his family. His daughter, like all military kids, went on with her life. She went to school every day without a hug from Dad. She came home and did her homework, and she listened to her teachers. Through this whole time, though, she never stopped thinking of dad.
One day in class, her teacher asked her to run an errand that required her to leave the classroom for a bit.
Then her father steps through the threshold of the classroom, the rest of the students can’t stop their jaws from dropping. They know that their classmate is in for a big, emotional surprise when she returns back from her errand.
With the cameras rolling, she comes back to her classroom, wondering why all eyes are on her. But, when she sees who’s sitting right there in the front row, balloon and flowers in hand, she no longer lets her shyness get in the way of her emotions.

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