This Mom Films The Recital, But Keep Your Eye on The Girl in Plaid. I am FLOORED!

For 7 yo Claire Koch of Clearwater, FL, sign language is simple — and that’s because she was born into it. Her parents, Lori and Tom, are both deaf. Claire and her little sister aren’t hearing-impaired, but they’ve both been using American Sign Language (ASL) since they were babies in order to communicate with their parents.
Claire became a viral video sensation when she took part in her kindergarten’s holiday concert. Lori and Tom found a couple seats in the front row and made sure to sit next to the interpreter. But Claire was fully prepared to include her parents in on the special day, and she wanted to make sure they didn’t miss a beat. Not only did she belt out the songs with the rest of the students, but she also used her signing skills so that her parents could follow along with every single word.

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