NBA Player Gives up His Career to Care for Pregnant Wife with Brain Tumor

The couple married in July 2013. Lauren, a two-time Olympic gold medal winning soccer player, retired from the sport last summer to focus full-time on starting a family. In June, she began experiencing “painful headaches” and was diagnosed with a benign tumor.
NBA star Jrue Holiday will take an indefinite leave of absence from the New Orleans’ Pelicans to care for his wife. Lauren is 8 months pregnant with their first child. The NBA team is in full sport of Jrue at this time, as they wish for Lauren’s health to improve immediately.
For Jrue, it wasn’t a question of what he was going to do when he’d heard the devastating news. He had to support his wife in every way possible.
“My family comes before basketball,” Jrue told
Lauren will have surgery six weeks after she gives birth to their baby girl in mid-October, though they may induce labor early. At this time, they are maintaining their privacy about the situation and focusing solely on Lauren and their baby’s health.
A loving husband to give up his career to take care of his wife. Prayers going out that she beats this tumor and have a healthy baby.

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