Astonishing Footage of Newborn Twin Babies who Think They are Still in The Womb

The sweet twin babies in this video have just been born. In fact, they don’t even realize that they are out in the world yet… So using a special technique, this nurse places them into a bath with a soft stream of water coming from the faucet onto their faces. It’s designed to gently introduce the babies to their new environment.
Surprisingly, the newborns aren’t too startled by this process. They don’t cry or panic, they remain in a sweet hug with one another and slowly begin to take their first breaths of air through their little mouths. Very slowly, the sweet babies start to move around, eventually opening their eyes to their new surroundings and to life. The two are absolutely precious. Yawning, hand holding, stretching, and even enjoying the flow of water from the faucet.
It’s so rare to be able to witness the very beginning of a new life, much less two lives! This video captures such an incredible moment, and it is truly a reminder of how precious, fragile and beautiful life is.

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