Old Lady Digs a Hole in her Yard, but then Neighbors Realize The SHOCKING Truth…

It’s a kindhearted act to help out an elderly man or woman in need, and at first, that’s exactly what this video seems to be all about. Here, we meet a sweet old lady who seems to need some assistance as she digs up the dirt in her garden. With her gardening hat and wheelbarrow full of soil, nothing seems too out of the ordinary. But take a closer look. Is that a pair of legs sticking out of the dirt? Wait… is that a grave she’s digging?! Yup. This old lady is totally burying a body in the yard. Sweet old lady? How about a truly evil woman!
Don’t worry — this is all just a prank courtesy of the folks at Just For Laughs in Quebec, Canada. As strangers walk by, the old woman puts on an act, roping unsuspecting neighbors into helping her bury her husband’s body.
Just wait until you see their reactions as they realize what lurks beneath the dirt. And once they realize it’s all a joke, their expressions change in an instant from absolutely horrified to extreme relief. I couldn’t help but laugh!
Good thing the passers-by have a great sense of humor. Their reactions are simply priceless.

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