This Video of an Opossum Pushing an Unsuspecting Skunk into a Pond Wins Trail Cam Contest

Trail cameras are truly the gift that keeps on giving. Without hidden camera footage, think of all the David Attenborough documentaries we would have missed out on. We would also have been deprived of this glorious video of an opossum pushing a skunk into a pond.
Trail Cam Pro ran a contest for the best trail cam videos. Six winners were crowned but the number one spot went to Betsy Potter in New York for this little number.
The nighttime footage sees a skunk innocently taking a drink from a pond when a criminal opossum sneaks up from behind and pushes it into the water, before scurrying off into the night.
2020 has seen some pretty terrible happenings, but this absolute jerk of an opossum may just take the cake after preying on an unsuspecting skunk.
Check out the hilarious video below.

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