Abandoned Pit Bull Rescued from a Parking Lot becomes a Proud K9 Officer

Just check online and you will see hundreds of stories filled with pitties who have overcome abuse, abandonment, and obscurity to become the sweetest members of so many households.
There are also plenty of companies that are helping to change the way people view this beautiful breed, like AFF (Austin Pets Alive!) and Universal K9′s Detection Dogs Program.
One of the most successful dogs that have graduated from the program — training rescued pit bulls to be police k9s — is Kiah, the first ever pit bull officer in New York state.
Kiah the pit bull was rescued from the streets after she was found in a grocery store parking lot.
Now she is New York state’s premier pit bull police officer, who patrols the streets of Poughkeepsie with her squad.
Some may believe that pit bulls aren’t capable of being canine companions to police officers, but trainer Brad Croft completely disagrees.
He explained any canine who is curious, confident, and attentive has the potential to be a great K9.
If they can fixate on something for a long time without getting distracted, they should be able to become amazing contraband sniffers who know not to get distracted while working.
Croft is part of a movement that is creating more capable canines for officers to take advantage of and changing people perceptions about what pit bulls can do.
As part of a collaboration, AFF, (Austin Pets Alive!) and Universal K9, a company that trains rescued animals to become k9 for officers around the country, have been selecting rescued pit bulls from shelters and turning them into bona fide canine officers that help serve the community alongside side their officers.
Among the most successful doggie graduates is the fearless female pit bull herself. “Kiah is one of the top three dogs I’ve ever placed,” explains Croft.
Kiah is helping her city out, as well as her entire breed, by blazing the trail for future pit bull police.
Hopefully one day, the stigma of pit bulls being vicious and untrainable will vanish as more of them enter the police force.

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