Police Pull Over Batman on Lamborghini Batmobile

Nobody gets away with breaking traffic laws, not even the caped crusader! Officers with Maryland’s Montgomery County Maryland noticed a black Lamborghini Gallardo driving down the highway with unofficial license plates that bore the “Batman” symbol. They pulled over the driver and inside was none other than Batman himself!
The cops asked the masked superhero for his license and registration and he stepped out of the vehicle to get them. It turns out the man behind the mask is local business man Lenny B. Robinson, who was on his way to a local children’s hospital to make the kids smile! Fortunately, he was carrying the batmobile’s real license plates with him and the cops let him off without a ticket, but not before getting him to pose for a photo or two!
P.S. Be sure to listen to what the cops say. They have a great sense of humor about it!

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