Rescued from a Dark Basement 15 Years Ago, these Weird Brothers Havent Left Each Others Side Since

This unusual trio might have any animal lover scratching their head, but their backstory goes a long way to explaining how the three wild animals ended up together.
For the past 15 years, Baloo the American black bear, Leo the African lion, and Shere Khan the Bengal tiger have been happily living together at Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary.
They were rescued as cubs when they were discovered by police officers in a home’s basement in Atlanta, Georgia during a drug raid. The three animals were all under a year old and had sustained terrible injuries, infected with parasites and severely malnourished when they were rescued.
NAAS noticed that the three animals leaned on one another. They had become closely bonded through their ordeal and so NAAS believed it was better that they all stay together.
They sleep together, play together and are affectionate with one another like siblings are

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