This Guy Cant Count to Three on His Fingers, but He Has a Very Rare Talent. This is Spectacular

Derek Paravicini is one in a million. Derek is what is known as a savant, which means that although he has limited functionality when it comes to most things there’s one special talent that he possesses at a near-superhuman level. He was born several months premature and very nearly died, but somehow managed to survive. Unfortunately, that traumatic premature birth took its toll on him, and he was diagnosed with several developmental disabilities at a very early age. It was only by chance during his childhood that he was able to find his true calling in life – playing the piano.
Able to play any song after hearing it just once, his complex mind acts as a sort of musical library that stores an infinite amount of possible songs. Played in any style, in any key, Derek is a perfect example of what the human brain is really capable of.

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