Separated by War A Man Collapses in the Airport Experiencing a Miraculous Reunion with His Family

In 2012, Dyan and his wife Alik faced the harrowing decision to flee their war-torn village in Sudan, seeking refuge in African camps. Amidst the chaos, the couple was tragically separated, with the evidence of their marriage obliterated. Alik, pregnant with their third child, arrived alone in Fort Worth, Texas, unsure if she would ever see Dyan again.

With unwavering support from their church home group, Molly and Mary Claire welcomed Alik and her children into their lives. Meanwhile, Dyan, stuck in a refugee camp, had not seen his 8-year-old son since he was four, and had never met his 3-year-old. Despite the bleak outlook for a reunion, Molly and Mary Claire tirelessly navigated bureaucracy, collaborating with social workers, submitting paperwork, and engaging with politicians and immigration attorneys. The recurring response: “It’ll be a miracle if this happens.”

Then, four years after the heartbreaking separation, hope and faith triumphed. Don’t miss the remarkable reunion that unfolded at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport, defying the odds and proving that miracles are possible.

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