Shooting Victim becomes a Doctor at The Same Hospital that Saved his Life

Back in the summer of 2007, a 22-year old kid named kevin Morton was working, attending college, and seemingly had his whole bright future ahead of him. However, while leaving work after one midnight shift, Kevin walked out into the parking lot to his own car as he’d done so many times before only to be gunned down by a thief in cold blood.
Morton had been shot through the stomach and robbed. Instinctively, Morton knew he was bleeding out and needed immediate medical help, so he began to drive towards St. John Hospital, which was only a few miles away. Unfortunately, the state of his wounds were too big to overcome and Kevin passed out while driving and crashed off the side of the road. Thankfully for Kevin, a random passer-by spotted Kevin’s car and dialed 911. Finally, a lucky break, but Kevin’s problems were far from over.
Over the next six weeks, Morton was carefully monitored at the intensive care unit.
Morton, now 32-years-old with a beautiful wife and adorable little girl, is now being addressed as Doctor. His original plan was to go into the pharmaceuticals industry. His life calling had changed after he spent 50 days recovering at St. John Hospital. Now, the soon-to-be doctor will be starting his residency at the very same hospital that had give him a second chance at life.
Now, Dr. Kevin Morton Jr. will be providing others with hope, patience, and guidance just as Dr. Sheth had done for him and his family many years ago.

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