Simon Cowell Freezes in Shock when He Sees who is Singing on Stage. Amazing!

Laura Bretan took the stage, the judges didn’t expect much from the tiny 13-year-old. But she was about to unleash her undeniable God-given gift that left everyone in the room speechless.
When Bretan began to sing, she shocked the nation. Blowing the judges out of their seats with an opera performance, her voice was decades beyond her years.
It was truly impressive and Mel B granted her a golden buzzer, which means she goes straight to the live shows.
Looks like the other judges take no issue whatsoever with Mel B’s decision. In fact, Simon offered perhaps the most complimentary comment any contestant has ever received! “That didn’t just happen,” Simon said in disbelief. “I’m thinking to myself, “If she starts to sing, this is not gonna work.’ And then that just happened. I have never heard anything like that in all the years I’ve been doing this show. Seriously.”

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