This Girl Stuffs her Arm Down a Deep Hole. Watch what Happens Next… UNBELIEVABLE!

A group of people called 6 yo Mia for some help, she and her mom had no idea they were about to become a viral superstar and local hero. But ever since this video went online, Mia has gained quite a lot of fans for her selfless actions.
These little guys were surely going to die if left in there for too long, and while the family tried their hardest, their arms were just too big to do anything about it. That’s when they noticed 6-year-old Mia walking by, and they realized she was their only hope.
Mia saw what the problem was and instantly began to act. She stuffed her hand as deep as she could go and grabbed a baby duck. One at a time she managed to bring the babies to safety, all until there were 8 happy birds once again above ground.
Unfortunately, one of the babies didn’t make it, but you have to be thankful that the majority of these adorable feathered friends of ours made it safely back to their worried mother!

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