What are these things and what are they doing?

Imagine you find a coin. And you don’t know if it’s over the top or worth nothing. ¿What should you do? Take a photo and post it on the subnet “What Is This Thing?”. And it serves more than coins.

This community easily identifies missiles, slugs, breast pump … anything.

This subreddit has 894,000 members and does not stop growing. Below you can broaden your horizons and vote for your favorite weird things.


I found a rock on the porch of my new house, turned it around and had this. ¿Is it a fossil?

Answer: Yes it is. The impression of a tree trunk.


¿What is this white fluff in my basement? My mother got scared

Answer: This is what a spider looks like with a fungal infection.


¿What are these bugs and what do they do?

Answer: They are European red slugs and they are riding it.


¿Is there a type of explosive on the floor of the server room?

Answer: It is a Russian Sagger MCLOS ATGM missile. Good luck with it.


My sister found this by cleaning a fish. I had it in my mouth and there was a smaller one in my stomach

Answer: (Cymothoa exigua) A tongue-eating parasite. Devour the fish’s tongue and then take its place. It is awful.


¿What is this for?

Answer: With this you can plug your mobile into a USB port and make sure there is no data exchange, only electric charge. Also called a USB condom.


I found him under a ladder in the mall parking lot. the clothes are made of thread and the hair is like dirty glue. ¿What is it?

Answer: It is a doll that is barely remover. You tell her your worries and put her under the pillow at night. It’s supposed to take your worries away while you sleep.

I had one exactly the same and lost it in a mall years ago!


My grandmother received this from a friend after her death, and no one knows what it is at her senior center.

Answer: It is a pipe to smoke opium


This was inside a book, I don’t know if it’s real money

Answer: It is Philippine money when it was occupied by Japan in 1941.


¿Does anyone know what these round prints are and what they are for?

Answer: Formerly the windows were made by turning the glass until it was flat, that is the center from which it was rotated. New windows are made from glass floating in a cast tin container, making flat panels without these hassles.


This sticker was inside a bible, but I don’t know what it means

Answer: It’s a sticker against Bush from the 1992 US election


It belonged to my great-grandfather, what is it?

Answer: If it’s for real, it’s an ancient Gibson, from 1903 to 1933. It’s worth more than you think, so be careful with it, seriously.


My girlfriend found this at her dinner, are they seeds?

Answer: They are insect eggs


I was exploring in New Mexico and I found this … object

Answer: It looks like titanium … similarly sized titanium spheres are commonly found space debris.


I found this embedded in the lock on my front door, what is it?

Answer: It is a voltage key of a game of hooks


In a house on an old plantation, from the 18th century. ¿What’s that about the roof?

Answer: It is one of the first types of ceiling fan. The top rope is pulled to create air movement and keep flies away during dinner.


These animals went happily through the zoo but had no information signs. They are not rabbits or hares, what are they?

Answer: It is a Patagonian mara


¿What is that circular object on the roof of the car?

Answer: Bubbl, it’s like an uber aimed at children or those who are very concerned about who is around the drivers.


Bath hangers move up and down, what for?

Answer: We call them anti-ligations. If the rest of the objects in the room are also anti-ligations (the latch, the hinges, the dispensers), that is that you are in a room designed for someone at risk of suicide.

I saw it on my flight to Cali, what is it?

Answer: Specifically, it looks like a concentrated thermal solar energy complex. It uses mirrors that reflect light to a central tower that is barely seen here, turns into heat, and starts an engine.

I saw this “cloud” at 5 in the morning, the sky was clear, what is it?

Answer: It’s from a rocket launch, I live near a complex and I see it a lot


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